It takes thousands of hours and dollars each year to run Quist’s programming, which includes speaking (often for free) at colleges, high schools, community meetings, and LGBTQ conferences on the importance of LGBTQ history as well as producing and promoting social media campaigns featuring LGBTQ history.

There are several ways to support our work. To make a one-time donation now, use the PayPal button below.

Sarah Prager

Our mission is to make queer history accessible by translating it to popular tech platforms in creative ways. Part of that accessibility is keeping it free. We can’t do it without your support.

By the Numbers

  • $8 – Pays for one month of access to the Apple App Store
  • $15 – Pays for travel expenses for Sarah to speak with one student
  • $25 – Pays for one month of database and website hosting
  • $50 – Pays for a minor bug fix by the developers
  • $75 – Pays for a full day of research for new app content
  • $100 – Pays for eight weeks of advertising Quist on Facebook
  • $250 – Pays for a year of promoting Quist videos on YouTube

Ways to Give

If you do not want your name to appear on our Supporters page, please email at the time of your donation.