Meet the Newest Quist Team Member

We’ve heard you – Sometimes the stories in Quist aren’t long enough or even have mistakes. New intern to the rescue! Adriana is going to edit our whole database. Aud and Mariano are also continuing their internships with their important work. (Interns are accepted on a rolling basis, so reach out if you’re interested.) Meet Adriana:

AdrianaName: Adriana Sisko
Quist Role: Content Intern
Age: 23
Location: Kentucky, USA
LGBTQA Identity: Lesbian
What She Does: I’m currently attending the University of Kentucky as a second-year Women’s and Gender Studies PhD candidate. My growing specialization is in the history of sexuality, particularly same-sex sexuality during 18th century France. My passions are queer history, French Revolutionaries, and my two pet guinea pigs Maxime and Antoine. In my spare time I also run a queer history blog. The address is:
Why She Cares About LGBTQ  History: Queer history is not a side dish and outlier to ‘history’. The two are very much intertwined, and queer history is part of the full human experience despite not being couched as such within many educational settings. This educational disservice makes me feel very passionate about queer history. Knowledge of queer history can also allow people (queer-identified and otherwise) to move beyond the idea that queer people are rare exceptions to a larger ‘normal’ population but are instead an enduring presence across human history.