Quistory in your Neighborhood: Chicago

qiyn chicago

Chicago is an incredible place for queer history studies. I’m hard-pressed to think of a city in the world with more tributes, libraries, and museums dedicated to it. I was in town to speak at the Illinois Institute of Technology on tech’s quistory and I made a whirlwind day of it, visiting three different locations before my talk.

Right off an overnight flight I took an early morning taxi right to the Leather Archives and Museum. Such an incredible space. The largest queer history museum I’ve been to so far. Check out the pictures in the photo album.

Walking distance from there is the Gerber/Hart Library and Archives. Part community center, part archives, part library, part museum, this seemed like a cool place to hang out. Pictures in the Facebook album.

Lastly I got a tour of the Legacy Project, an outdoor bronze-cast memorial to various queer history icons. This monument is unique in being such an integral part of the local architecture. Pictures in the Facebook album.