The Quistory Translation Project Begins

I’ve always wanted Quist to be available in other languages besides English, and many of you have asked for the same. It seemed like an impossible task for technical and time reasons. But one fan (the founder of Bosnia’s LGBT rights organization) gave me an idea that I love and we are starting to implement immediately. We are going to translate the historical events into the language of the country where it took place. Meaning that someone in Brazil will now be able to read about Brazilian LGBTQ history in Portuguese and someone from the Netherlands will be able to read about Dutch LGBTQ history in Dutch. The translations will be right under the English version in the app. Users will be able to search by their language’s name to find events that have been translated into it.

I’m very excited about this initiative and so are our first volunteer translators. I’m now seeking help for the following languages:

  • Arabic – Shukran, Faisal!
  • Danish – Tak, Linda!
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German – Danke, Alexia!
  • Hebrew – Toda, Eitan!
  • Hindi
  • Icelandic
  • Italian – Grazie, Jim!
  • Japanese
  • Korean – Gamsahabnida, Anonymous!
  • Mandarin – Xie xie, Michael!
  • Portuguese – Obrigada, Lukas!
  • Russian – Spasibo, Anonymous!
  • Serbo-Crotatian – Hvala, Svetlana!
  • Spanish – Gracias, Enrique, etc.!
  • Swahili
  • Swedish
  • Thai

I may have missed some, so please get in touch if you have skills in a language not mentioned above as well.

Email to receive a set of historical events to translate. They are usually about 3 sentences each and most people are volunteering to start by doing 10 of them, but other amounts are fine. Thank you in advance for help in making Quist more globally accessible!