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Queer history isn’t just really, really, really cool to learn. (Though of course it is.)

It changes lives.

When someone learns about their shared heritage they are connected to a sense of community they might not have been able to otherwise access.

In a 2012 survey in the UK of LGBT people, “a sense or experience of community was linked to reported wellbeing, including combating isolation, heightening confidence and self-esteem, and sometimes improving or maintaining physical health.”

So few LGBTQ youth are given access to learn about their own history in schools. But if they are allowed to learn about role models like them, it makes a difference.

2013 survey of U.S. LGBT students found “LGBT high school seniors were more likely to be interested in studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) or Social Science in college if their relevant high school classes had included positive LGBT content (35.8% vs. 18.5% for STEM majors; 29.0 vs. 19.7% for Social Science majors).”

Every day we get comments in our inbox, our app user survey responses, and our workshop evals like this:

  • This has shown me how hard people before me fought for the rights I enjoy today.
  • I am our school’s GSA advisor and I love being able to open your application and stating the day’s significant historical fact!
  • I liked that I learned about many more LGBTQIA+ in history, when we don’t taught much, especially in school.
  • It was super interesting to see that we actually did have a history. I didn’t think we knew that many LGBTQ people in history.

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