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The Plebiscite That Could Change a Nation: Where Will Australia Be After the Same-Sex Marriage Vote?

With just one more day until the window for enrolment on Australia’s landmark same-sex marriage plebiscite is closed, interest groups on either side of the debate are focusing hard on mobilising turnout.   Advocates in the LGBTI community have been at turns frustrated and appalled at the expensive and non-legally binding nature of this voluntary

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LGBT History Month Founder on How Black History Month Started It All

This guest post is by Rodney Wilson, founder of LGBT History Month and GLSEN-St. Louis. As the first openly-gay public school teacher in Missouri, his story was chronicled in a Teacher Magazine cover story, in local and national press, and on “Dateline NBC.” He now tutors and teaches history, politics, and comparative religion at a

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LGBT T-shirts No Longer in the Closet: An Online Wearable Archive

By Eric Gonzaba Recently, when St. Mary’s Academy in Portland decided to fire an academic advisor after learning she was a lesbian, students and alumni gathered and protested the high school’s decision. They painted homemade rainbow t-shirts that read, “Who am I to judge,” a reference to the Pope’s 2013 famous remarks about accepting homosexuality. The high

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