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LGBT History Month Founder on How Black History Month Started It All

This guest post is by Rodney Wilson, founder of LGBT History Month and GLSEN-St. Louis. As the first openly-gay public school teacher in Missouri, his story was chronicled in a Teacher Magazine cover story, in local and national press, and on “Dateline NBC.” He now tutors and teaches history, politics, and comparative religion at a

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History Lesson

I just posted this to the Facebook page and wanted to share it here:   The Supreme Court arguments have drawn a lot of discussion to this Facebook page this week. Since LGBToday is a project about history, I feel compelled to reply specifically to one of the lawyer’s arguments that we should not make marriage genderless

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Inauguration Day

I watched President Obama’s second inauguration today and was absolutely inspired by the history of it from many groups, including the LGBT community. Here is an excerpt: We, the people, declare today that the most evident of truths –- that all of us are created equal –- is the star that guides us still; just

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